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Learning targets

Our targets 2018-2019


Spring Term 2019




I can explain the main theme and some features of a range of books

I can use conjunctions to write an increasing range of sentence structures

(e.g. complex, compound, commands etc.)

I can learn a written method of multiplication (ladder Method)

I can learn 1 written method of division (Bus-Stop Method)

Autumn Term 2018
Reading Writing Math
You can make a sensible guess of what might happen next in a text, using information you have read and your previous experiences. You can try and use up to 3 different types of punctuation in a piece of writing e.g. “” : . , ‘ It would be good to add or subtract numbers in the 1000’s using different methods. Try and solve 4 digit problems from word questions.



Our Targets 2017-2018


Summer Term 1
Reading Writing Maths
I can use my inference skills to show understanding of events and characters in a text and find appropriate and accurate evidence to support my view (referring to the text). P.E.E I know when to use formal or informal language in my writing. I can choose the correct vocabulary to match. (e.g. letters to my friends Vs letters to people I don’t know)

- I can compare and classify geometric shapes, including quadrilaterals and triangles based on their properties and sizes.

- I can identify lines of symmetry in two dimensional shapes presented in different orientations.