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Governing Body of Westbrook Primary School


Name Named Governors Start Date End Date
Angela Khungar Communication and language team 16.01.17 15.01.21
Pooja Nikesh Pabari Literacy team 15.05.17 14.05.21
Melvyn Tatters c/o School, Safeguarding lead, Physical development team 01.09.09  
Laura Gallagher Executive Committee, Mathematics, LW KS2 09.12.16 08.12.20
Carly Benton Executive Committee, SEN, Inclusion, Safeguarding, PSED team 01.05.17 30.04.21
Marie Coffey Executive Committee, Child protection and Safeguarding, PSED team 30.04.16 29.04.20
Dalvir Roop Mathematics team,  01.10.16 30.09.20
Manpreet Babbra Executive Committee, Physical development team 06.03.17 05.03.21
Alex Leggett Understanding the world team, SEN 26.-6.17 25.06.21
Rehana Gondal Executive Committee, Expressive Arts and design team 25.06.18 24.06.22
Company Secretary

Sarah Vass (SBM)

c/o School

Correspondent Dee Howley    


Governing Body of Westbrook Primary - Committees & Posts

Mrs. Marie Coffey - Chair. Of Governors, Gov for Child Protection
Mr. Melvyn Tatters - Headteacher
Miss. Laura Gallagher - Staff Governor
Mrs. Carly Benton - Staff Governor, Executive Committee
Ms. Angela Khungar - Parent Governor
Mr. Manpreet Babbra - Parent Governor, Executive Committee
Mr. Dalvir Roop - Parent Governor

Mrs. Pooja Pabari - Parent Governor, Chair of Executive Committee

Mr. Alex Leggett - Community Governor

Mrs Rehana Gondal - Community Governor, Executive Committee



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