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Child Care Arrangement's Letter


Dear Parent Carer


RE:  Provision for NHS, Emergency Services and Vulnerable Pupils


As part of social distancing measures, we know that the government has asked people to work from home where they can and appreciate this is not always easy.  We also know that some of you who work within the NHS and emergency services will need to continue going out to work to care for the sick and the vulnerable and are concerned about child care arrangements during school closures.  We would therefore like to compile a list of parents asap who work within these services and who are also primary child carers in the household.  Whilst we can’t offer a solution at the moment, it is important that we know how many parent fall into this category so that we can think about how, as a community, we can support you to continue.


Please contact us via to let us know if this applies to you and we will add you to our list.  If you are a parent who has the capacity to offer any childcare to other families during potential school closures, please also get in touch.


We appreciate your continued support and thank you for your co-operation in this.



Yours sincerely


Dr. M. Tatters