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Coronavirus Update and Change of school times

Dear Parent/Carer



RE:  Closure of Nursery


Unfortunately, due to staffing levels in the school, we now have to close our Nursery for the foreseeable future.  This will come into effect from Thursday 19th March. 


I know this will affect many parents at this difficult time and is a decision we have not taken lightly. We can only keep the school open by deploying Nursery staff elsewhere in the school. 


One again I apologise for having to make this decision but hope you understand that we are currently experiencing an unprecedented demand being placed on schools. 



Thank you for your cooperation in this difficult time. 

RE:  Collection of siblings from other year groups


Thank you for your patience yesterday.  We are aware that changing and staggering the end of the school day may have caused some parents and families some difficulties.  It has also caused the school some difficulties in terms of trying to get siblings who are in different year groups together at the same time.  We are therefore asking parents to collect their children at the designated times below and NOT to collect different sibling at the same time.   We will only make exceptions to this if parents email us by Midday stating their child’s name and class and reasons why they need to collect them at the same time.  We will only make exceptions for reasons which include: urgent care of relatives or urgent work commitments.  We will assess requests made (by Midday) on a case by case basis.  We will then allocate a member of staff to collect these children and get them ready for collection.  


Unless we receive an email by Midday with the above information, please collect your children at the following times:



3pm – Nursery and Reception 


3:15pm – Years 1 & 2


3:30pm – Years 3, 4, 5, & 6. 


Please ensure when you collect your children that you stand at least 1m apart from other parents. 


Thank you for your cooperation in this difficult time. 


RE:  Change to School finish times


I want to start by saying thank you to all those parents and families that have given positive messages of support to the school  during this unprecedented difficult time.  However, we are now at a stage where covering staff absence is becoming very difficult and therefore need to make some more difficult decisions. In order to ease the pressure, and to allay parental concerns, we adjusting our School finishing times to:


3pm – Nursery and Reception 


3:15pm – Years 1 & 2


3:30pm – Years 3, 4, 5, & 6. 



RE: Coronavirus Update
As you may be aware the Government have moved to the next phase of ‘DELAY” to try and deal with the Coronavirus outbreak. As a school we have devised our own plan and risk assessments to deal with this pandemic and want to assure all parents that your children are safe at school. At the moment we are open and will continue to be open until the Government say otherwise.



  • Temperature of 37.8 or above
  • Persistent and continuous cough

If you have these symptoms your whole family must self isolate for 14 days.  Do not come into school!



The precautions we are now taking include the following:
 All school trips up to the Easter holidays are cancelled. We will try to reschedule them for later in the year.
 We want to limit the number of people coming in and out of school to a minimum and therefore ask that all parents DO NOT come into the school building/reception area unless absolutely necessary.
 School assemblies are cancelled and will be rescheduled for later in the year.
 Swimming is cancelled for now.
 We have increased our daily cleaning regime – all children are washing their hands regularly throughout the day.
 Children can bring in their own hand sanitiser to use in class should they wish.
 We have increased our cleaning in the school.
 We are giving each teacher a bottle of cleaning solution for their class so that surfaces can be wiped down regularly.
 Children or staff who show the following symptoms should self-isolate for 7 days: High temperature and/or persistent cough.
 Parents evening is cancelled and will be rescheduled for later in the year.
 Our primary means of communication will be the school website – please check regularly.
 All children should have a login for DB Primary whereby they can work at home if necessary – teachers have already planned and put work on DB Primary for children to complete.
 Staff are talking to children and assuring them about the facts of the virus so as to not spread panic – we would ask parents do the same with their children.
We are taking these measures to ensure that we can keep the school open. However, this will largely depend on everyone playing their part and following the advice given. Also, we can only safely open the school if we have enough staff to do so. We are assessing the situation day by day, hour by hour. It is important for parents to reassure their children as the risk for them is low.


Department for Education Coronavirus Helpline

The Department for Education coronavirus helpline is now available to answer questions about COVID-19 relating to education and children’s social care. Staff, parents and young people can contact this helpline as follows:

Phone: 0800 046 8687
Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)

For the latest advice and guidance on how to protect yourself, please visit: 

Dr. M. Tatters