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Heatwave update - Attendance is optional on Monday and Tuesday

Dear Parents/Carers


RE: National Emergency due to excessive heat and risk to life


Due to the national emergency being declared on Monday and Tuesday, we have decided to allow parents to make their own decisions about attendance. School will be open as normal for those that want or need to send their children. We have areas of the school which we can cool however some areas inside will be very hot. We therefore think parents should make their own decisions about bringing their child to school. Each family also has different living conditions and for many they would be safer in school.


Any child who is absent on Monday and Tuesday due to the heatwave will have their attendance authorised. We do not want families to travel in extreme heat unless they have to.


Please remember to:


  • Wear sun hats
  • Wear sun lotion
  • Drink lots of water
  • Wear loose, acceptable, clothing
  • Reduce physical exercise


Wednesday and Thursday is predicted to be much cooler so we expect ALL children to be in school for the last two days of the term.


Kind Regards


Dr M Tatters

Head Teacher