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Key Work Child Care Scheme

Dear Parent/Carer


RE: Key Work Child Care Scheme


We are responding to the National Coronavirus crisis by establishing a child care facility at Westbrook Primary School in our Hall.


The Government and the Unions have made it clear that this is NOT a ‘Statutory Requirement’ of schools.  If schools cannot staff the scheme then they do not have to open. 


After discussion with our staff, whom also have their own children, families and partners to consider, we think we can confidently provide a Child Care Facility for a maximum of 30 children.  The reasons for this maximum number are due to the safeguarding issues around staffing levels, first aid requirements, cleaning and cooking facilities, as well as our own staffing pressures at this unprecedented time.


We are therefore prioritising the following groups for this facility:


Children with an EHCP plan

Children with an attached Social Worker

Children whose parents are a Key Worker


The list of Key Workers is defined as:  NHS staff, Ambulance staff, Fire Service staff, Police staff, Teacher, Probation Officer, Armed forces, Environmental Health Officer, Social Worker, Care Worker, Early Years or Nursery worker, Deliver driver for NHS lifesaving equipment or NHS food.


If you do not fit these categories we CANNOT offer you this service.  We will require photo ID from your workplace before we permit your child to join the scheme!


If you are interested please complete the Surveymonkey form using the link attached by 1:30pm today.  Responses after this time will not be accepted.


We will not accept parents just turning up with their child!


If you are a Key Worker who has a partner that is not a Key Worker you will NOT be eligible for this scheme.


We will contact parents who are successful in gaining a place by 4pm today.  If you are not contacted you MUST assume that your child has not been successful in gaining a place. 









Any Key Worker who is unsuccessful will be directed to the local HUB at Heston Primary school whereby they may get some provision there.  


Yours sincerely


Dr. M. Tatters


Dr. M. Tatters