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Russia/Ukraine Conflct

Russia/Ukraine Conflict

Dear parents and carers

The events unfolding in Eastern Europe are unsettling for everyone and we know some children are talking about what has happened in Ukraine and some are feeling anxious about this.  We have not addressed it within school as many children are not aware of the situation and not all parents wish their children to be made aware of it.

However, some older children are beginning to ask questions and if you feel you need to support conversations at home, it may be useful to use the BBC Newsround report . Please watch the video first before deciding if the content is appropriate for your child.

When children ask questions in school our response will be that this is a political conflict, that the ordinary people of both Russia and Ukraine do not want and we all hope that peace will soon be restored.

If you need any further support in addressing this with your child, please let us know and we will do what we can to help.