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School Closure

Dear Parent/Carer


RE:  Closure of Westbrook Primary School for the foreseeable future


I am writing to inform you that the Government have taken the step to close all school from the end of the day on Friday 20th March 2020 for the foreseeable future.  This closure is likely to be for a very long time and children may not be back to school until late Summer or even September.  We have also had confirmation that all SATs tests, phonic checks, exams and times tables test are cancelled. 


Although School closes tomorrow (Friday) we have taken the move to authorise all absences for children who do not attend.  Parents are free to make the decision to keep children at home tomorrow or send them to school – it will be your choice; however, we STRONGLY advise parents to keep them at home tomorrow.


No doubt this is going to be a very uncertain and worrying period for families and children.  We have today informed our children that we may not see them for some time.  We are particularly concerned for our yr6 children who may not return to school now until they begin Secondary school and have therefore taken the decision to say goodbye to them today in case they do not return to Westbrook Primary school.  We will arrange to get together with all the yr6 children at some point in the Autumn term to do an official leaving party.   


I just want to finish by thanking the many parents who have offered their support and help.  Westbrook school is a large part of the community and I know we will support and help each other through this unprecedented time.   We well endure!





Yours sincerely


Dr. M. Tatters


Dr. M. Tatters