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Westbrook Primary Closure letter from Dr Tatters

Dear Parent/Carer


RE:  Closure of Westbrook Primary School


I regret to inform you that we have had to close the school due to a major flooding incident which has resulted in major damage to the classrooms. 


On Sunday afternoon I was called to the school after our alarms were activated.  When I arrived, I was shocked by the amount of water pouring through our top floor and bottom floor classrooms and corridors.  The fire brigade also had to be called.  The cause of the incident is due to the main inflow water pipe bursting which goes to the loft area above the school.  Several gallons of water rushed out of the pipe flooding most of the main building.  At the moment we have no power to operate anything in the school and are waiting our loss assessors to attend site. At the moment we have been told it is not safe to open the school. 


The Nursery, Reception and year 3 and 4 classrooms are unaffected.  It seems most of the damage has been done to Yr1, 2, 5 and 6 classrooms.


Tomorrow we will be having electricians and plumbers on site and are hoping to restore power to the unaffected parts of the building.  If we can restore power, and it is safe to re-open , then we will do so from next Monday.  However, we will not know until later in the week if this is possible.  I will endeavour to let parents know as soon as I can.   


As you can appreciate, we are extremely frustrated by this incident given the amount of hard work we have put into re-opening the school during the Covid 19 situation.  We want to try and get our children back as soon as possible but as you can appreciate we need to ensure the building is safe to operate before we do so. 


Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. 




Yours sincerely


M. Tatters


Dr. M. Tatters