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Westbrook Primary School

Aim high, learn together, feel proud!

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Our Vision

Our Vision for Westbrook Primary School


Our Mission Statement

Aim High, Learn Together, Feel Proud!

Aims:  (Intent)

We are aiming for Westbrook Primary School to be a place where:

  • Children are creative learners who are inspired to think and investigate 
  • Children develop, and apply,  skills and knowledge which equips them for life-long learning
  • Children learn and apply skills/knowledge through first hand experiences
  • Children are proud of their learning and aim to achieve their best
  • Children believe in the value of team work, helping and caring for one another
  • There are close links with the local community whereby parents are partners in the learning journey
  • Staff, Governors and the whole community are ambitious and seek to provide only the very best education for our children

We will achieve this by: (Implementation)

  • Teaching life skills to the children and parents
  • Provide opportunities for parents and the community to participate in the life of the school
  • Celebrate achievements and success
  • Ensure the school takes part in, and leads, community events
  • Embed and apply thinking skills throughout the curriculum
  • Provide a curriculum which is broad and balanced which also encourages: resilience, confidence, independence, inclusivity, creative thinking and enquiry.
  • Ensure learning is based on first hand experiences, and in context, so that deep and lasting connections are made between areas of knowledge
  • Investing in our staff and Governors so they are highly equipped to provide the very best education for our children