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Learning targets

Our Targets 2018-2019


Spring 2019
Reading Writing Maths
I can ask different types of questions to improve my understanding of the text. 

I can indicate grammatical and other features by:

-I can use semi-colons, colons or dashes to mark boundaries between independent clauses

-I can use brackets for parenthesis

-I can  use a colon to introduce a list

I can solve multi-step problems in contexts, using all four operations.


Autumn Term 2018
Reading  Writing Math
I can find and highlight important information to help me understand what I am reading and to answer questions appropriately.

To proof-read and check that

  • I have used correct punctuation
  • I have used the correct tense
I have checked the spellings from the word list.

I can solve addition and subtraction questions using place value.

I can find the value of each digit within a 6-digit number e.g 103567



Our Targets 2017-2018


Summer Term 1
Reading Writing Maths 

I can infer a deeper understanding of a text by finding evidence, which provides clear justification for my view.

I can refer to the text to support my inferences (quotes /actions).

I can usually use appropriate grammar and vocabulary that matches the style and formality of my writing.

- I can compare and classify geometric shapes based on their properties and sizes.

- I can find unknown angles in triangles, quadrilaterals and regular polygons.

- I can draw and translate simple shapes on the co-ordinate plane, and reflect them in the axes.