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VI Specialist Centre

In September 2014, Westbrook Primary opened its doors to the new Centre for Visual Impairment (VI). The VI Specialist Centre can cater for up to ten students who have visual impairments. The aim of the Centre is for inclusion into the mainstream class for all subject areas. Children will only be withdrawn for extra VI curricular areas such as Braille, mobility, independence skills, life & social skills as necessary. We use technology where possible to link i-pads with Smart boards so the children with VI can access everything on the board with the vision they have. We have on-going staff training to raise awareness of visual impairment and to provide equal access to learning.


We warmly welcome visits to the VI Specialist Centre which can be arranged by prior appointment through the school office.


We have been accredited 'Centre Of Excellence' in 2016.

Children working hard!

Children working hard! 1 Exploring and identifying familiar objects.
Children working hard! 2 Using tactile books to retell a story.
Children working hard! 3 Exploring shapes with dominoes.
Children working hard! 4 Using a Braille Note Touch to record work.
Children working hard! 5 Using a tactile ruler to draw and measure lines.
Children working hard! 6 Exploring 3D shapes with objects.

Parent Sessions

Parents of children within the VI Centre can come along to sessions with the Centre Manager and other outside professionals every half term. These sessions are tailored to help parents with any support they feel they need both inside and outside of school. We recently invited a family engagement officer from RSBC (Royal Society for Blind Children) to discuss the services that they provide for families. It proved very successful and parents were able to meet and discuss their own personal experiences or difficulties.

World Sight Day 2016


In October 2016, we celebrated another World Sight Day with fun events across the school. The children and staff wore dots to represent the dots used in Braille. We raised over £800 which went to two charities; Guide Dogs and the RNIB. We were very lucky to have a visit from a guide dog named Quince. We learned a lot about guide dogs and the very important work they do for blind people. We also learned about Braille and famous people who have a Visual Impairment. Lots of the children got to use the Simspecs which simulate having a visual impairment. Everyone learned lots about visual impairments while having a fun day.

VIP Club


There is a weekly after school club for children in our centre. This begins Wednesday 26th April and will run up to June 28th. The club is straight after school from 3:30-4:15. It gives the children more opportunities to develop their social and friendship skills. They will participate in outdoor games, crafts, baking and lots of other exciting activities.

V I Policy


In-house support (£50 per person)

  • Shadow VI staff

  • See braille being taught and in action

  • See mainstream support within the classroom


Bespoke VI training and support (half day/full day) Costs available on request. Can be tailored to meet the needs of your school.

  • General awareness of visual impairment

  • VI inclusion across subject areas

  • Advice for school outings and VI friendly outings

  • Pupil voice for pupils

  • Specific VI needs

  • Braille


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