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Latest Ofsted Report

Outcome:  Westbrook Primary School continues to be a good school.


What is it like to attend this school?

Pupils are proud to attend this school. They are enthusiastic about their learning, all the activities they do and their friends. Pupils take pride in their achievements both in and out of the classroom. They experience a wide range of clubs, trips and visits. In addition to a carefully planned curriculum, these experiences prepare pupils well for the challenges of secondary school.


Pupils feel well supported; they work hard and enjoy their lessons. Mathematics is the favourite subject for many pupils. This is because pupils feel that, in mathematics, teachers encourage them to achieve the highest standards.

Pupils are happy and safe. They say that bullying is rare and that someone is always ready to listen to their concerns. Pupils are confident that staff will put things right quickly, including when bullying happens.


Pupils are determined to meet the high expectations of behaviour set by staff. Older pupils told us how much they enjoy helping the younger children settle into the school. Pupils are polite, listen well and respect each other’s point of view.