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Thinking Skills Blog

Year 1 - During guided reading, whilst the children have been pre reading, they have been using circle maps to jot down anything they have learnt from the book.

Year 2- Kingfisher- Antonia- 'At the beginning of each week, we are given a new Guided Reading book. I have used a circle map to record down all my predicting ideas about what I think the book will be like. I then read the book and use the circle map to add more information I have learnt.'

Year 3 Sparrow Class- Anaya Athi “ To plan my own story I used a bubble map to create my characters and decide how they would be linked together.”

Year 4 - Magpie- Haniya Asad- Magpie class were studying the life of Anne Frank. Haniya focused on her childhood, summarizing the key events. She has also added in more bubbles !!

Year 5 Eagle Class- Jaiden Shah- "I created a Brace Map to describe the negative effects of smoking"

Year 6- Kestrel Class- Eliza Gill- I have used a bubble map to summarise what I have learnt about our bodies, and World War 1 and 2

Year 6 Harrier Class- Meena in Harrier class has been learning about Light and Sight