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Learning Targets


Our Targets 2018-2019


Summer Term 2019
Reading Writing Maths

I can pick out my own name when I see it written on plain paper.

I can recognise different logos I see out and about.

I can try to write the letters in my name.

I can talk about shapes I see, using words like ‘round’ and ‘tall’





Spring Term 2019




I can look at books by myself (without adults direction)

I can look after books and turn the pages nicely.

I can draw/write on a piece of paper and tell the adult what I have drawn.

I can use number names correctly in my play.

Autumn Term 2018
Reading  Writing Math


We do not set specific targets for our nursery children in the Autumn term. We believe the children need to use this time to settle into the daily routines and build relationships with the adults in the classroom.

Their play activities are planned careful around the nursery curriculum and they are exposed to lots of new learning in reading, writing and math, as well as all the other key areas in the foundation stage.