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Learning targets

Our Targets 2018-2019


Summer Term 2019




I can read and understand simple sentences. I can read some tricky words.

I can write a sentence that I can read and others can read.

 I can order numbers to 20 and say what is one more /one less.



Spring 2019
Reading Writing Maths

I can ‘fred talk’ words and then say the whole word (simple VC/CVC words e.g. it, at, on, dog, mat, hat, cat).

I can try to write simple words independently.

 I can add and subtract single digit numbers using objects to help me.

I can begin to order object by length, size and weight.


Autumn Term 2018
Reading Writing Math
I can hear the first sound in a word and I can say that sound.

I can write letters on my pictures.

I can write my name without using my name card.

I can carefully count up to 4 objects.



I can name some 3D shapes.