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What people say about Westbrook School

Dear Head Teacher and Year 3 Staff, 

On behalf of Heston Action Group and the West London Tree Hub, we would like to thank you all  very much for collaborating with us in the outdoor learning activities at the Heston Community  Garden during the last fortnight. 

The children were a delight and showed great enthusiasm for the activities we covered. Your team  work and willingness to come and see what we do was a tremendous support in moving the tree  hub project on and the educational side of the garden.


I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for providing a personal reference letter for my son as a part of their academic journey. Your kind recommendation holds great value to us.


I am sending this e mail with great pleasure, to congratulate and commend the teachers that have taught in reception this year. Ms Dias & Ms Suchack have worked with my son with such dedication I can’t thank them enough. XXXX has completed reception able to read, write, count, add and subtract. I am aware that other teachers in other forms and schools follow the same curriculum with similar resources; but a good teacher makes all the difference to a child’s passion and desire to learn. Both my son’s teachers have excelled in their roles and I am very happy with XXXX’ progress.


Thank you all for your support in our school readiness events this year! These events have been helpful in assisting parents with children starting school in September.

The talks and information stalls covering topics like toilet training, communication skills, developmental milestones, toothbrushing tips, and healthy snack ideas proved to be incredibly valuable for the attending parents. (Schools Health Programme)


We are thankful to you for all your help, guidance and support. You are such an angel for kids, You truly care about your students. You make everything so easy for your students and always there for help.

My daughter is very happy with her new class, Because you make her feel comfortable as home. Your way of teaching is amazing. We are very grateful to have you as our kids teacher.  Best wishes for your future

World Book Day Visit

Westbrook Primary School makes Better Places

World Book Day round 2 was spent in London with Westbrook Primary School visit, my furthest visit from home to date.

Nicky and Candy's Street was read to three reception classes, two year one classes and the day was finished off with a session with visually impaired students and staff from the school.

Read more about my visit to Westbrook here.

"How do you go blind?" - my favourite responses from children

As a blind person regularly visiting schools since the launch of Nicky and Candy's Street, children often ask "How do people go blind?"

This can lead to children sharing their interesting thoughts and ideas and how people go blind and I wanted to share my favourites here.