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COVID-19 Risk Assessments

Westbrook Primary School Covid-19 - Safety Plan (Parents info)



Arrival and Departure

  • Main school gates only for entry using a one way system (in one gate and out the other) 
  • Students only enter school building. Parents cannot enter.
  • Only one parent/carer to drop and collect.
  • Communication with the school must be via email or phone.
  • Head and Deputy at the gate before and after school with hand sanitiser/temp check.
  • Gate opens at 8.30 am for allocated yr groups. No entry onto school grounds until 8.30 am. Other yr groups can only arrive at their specified time. 
  • Children arriving at other times cannot enter the school grounds until it is their time. 
  • Families with children that have different drop off times must stay within their car or away from the school entrance until it is their allocated time to enter. 
  • Students go straight to their classroom. 


  • 2 metres between staff at all times.
  • 2 metre between staff and students where possible.
  • 2 metre between students at all times where possible.
  • Parents must also maintain 2 metres between each other when collecting their child. 


  • Cloak bays – coats spaced out and students use the same hook each day.
  • To ensure 2 metre distancing at all times lunch breaks will be staggered.
  • Classroom furniture arranged to ensure 2 metre spacing.
  • Same seat in the class bubble each day.
  • If students currently have a mobile phone (yr6 only) they can bring this each day and must take it home each day.  The device must be switched off and placed in a tray under their desk. 
  • Each class bubble is a maximum of 15 students plus teacher/LSA.
  • Sanitiser available in the classroom and correct handwashing ensured, soap will be available plus paper towels in toilet areas. 
  • Students will follow online learning programme with additional activities provided by the supervising teacher.
  • Use of group physical activity indoors is not permitted. Each bubble to be provided with a ball/basic equipment which stays with that group and is sanitised each day.


  • Sanitiser available in classrooms, office area and staffroom.
  • Disinfectant spray used regularly on surfaces and left for 30 seconds before wiped off. Spray bottles in classrooms and paper towels in toilets.
  • Correct hygiene procedures with students revisited daily.

Break Times

  • Children will eat  in the hall only with their allocated bubble.  
  • No other bubble will be allowed into that hall area until the current bubble has left the hall.
  • Tables/chairs sanitised. 
  • Cutlery to be placed on tables and children to be served at the tables. 
  • Ensure hand washing before and after eating. 
  • Children who are bringing in packed lunch (yr6 only) must keep this with them stored under their desk.  It must be taken home each day and sanitised. 
  • No sharing food or drink. 
  • Playground areas zones off, bubbles given allocated space/time for their break.
  • No sharing of sports balls or equipment.
  • No contact games e.g. tag
  • Staff will work with students about what are appropriate activities.
  • Staff cannot mix with other bubbles and must supervise children in their own bubble. 

General Safe Practices

  • Students to have their own drink bottle - drinking fountains closed.
  • One student will be allowed in the toilets at a time.
  • Furniture disinfected each day.
  • Any sick children will be sent home – tested and result shared with school.  
  • No staff will be at school if health compromised
  • Students to be issued with stationery that is not to be used by any other person.
  • School landline phones cleaned and limited use to specific people.
  • Children can only bring water bottle, reading book, coat and lunch box to school.  No bags or other equipment can be brought in or out of school.  
  • Reading books will be left in trays for 48 hrs before they can be touched or changed.